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The Mom-Sage

Sage is a light brown pure breed Goldendoodle. She is  3 years old. She is active, loving, and in great health. She is our family dog.


The Dad-Zeus

     Zeus is a pure breed poodle. He is a 1 year old Red Moyen Poodle Stud. He is also our family dog. He is gentle, calm and obedient. He has perfect genes!


The Puppies

Price Includes

  • A well adjusted, socialized, genetically sound, veterinarian checked and certified healthy Desmond Doodles and Poodles Goldendoodle puppy.

  • Age appropriate vaccinations with detailed shot record with dates of worming, fecal checks, and vaccinations done by our Veterinarian.

  • Out Vet's contact information should you or your vet have any follow-up questions on how to continue your puppy's care.

  • Information to register your puppy's microchip. We microchip our puppies so that we are always the "back up" contact and we will make sure our puppies are always safe and cared for.

  • One year genetic health warranty.

  • Blankets that smell like your puppy's mom

  • New versions of a couple of your puppy's favorite toys.

  • Puppy folder with all the information about your puppy to take to the Veterinarian.

  • Beginning Crate Training


Kentucky Delivery Service
If you are in Kentucky or neighboring states , Desmond's Doodles and Poodles has a delivery
service! We can meet you 1/2 way or deliver the puppy to your door. We have
calculated the rate at $1 per mile that will cover our expenses and the drivers
time. We do realize 4 hours one way in the car with kids and then a puppy can be
stressful, so  it's a service we offer.


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